Monday, 18 June 2007

TAST - Crossed Buttonhole stitch

Here's my belated sample for TAST on crossed buttonhole stitch. I couldn't really think what to do with this at first but once I got into it I really enjoyed the effects I created. I'm not an experienced embroiderer and haven't done a wide variety of stitches before and when I have used them I've tended to use them very much as given in the directions. One of the things this challenge and everyone's samples has shown me is how much wider the possibilities can be. I particularly like the ideas for stacking and overlapping stitches and it's those that I've enjoyed most so far. Here I like the patterns I was getting by working the rows overlapping each other.

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Elizabeth said...

Lynne, partly I just love the colors in the threads but you got wonderful and exciting results from the overlaps and stackings. A great sampler!