Monday, 19 May 2014


This is a piece of canvas work that I've finally finished after at least 2 years messing about with it.  I discarded it at least twice, took it off the frame I had it on and was about to unpick it at one point but eventually I rescued it and now am quite pleased with it.  I had been playing about with the idea of triangles so thought I would just stitch some triangle shapes onto canvas and see where it led.  I started with the purple threads and then I used the green and turquoise to make more elaborate patterns over the top and added some beads as well.  The dark purple border is a kumihimo braid that I made and couched down then I added beads and a triangular buttonhole stitch as the edging.  It's mounted on a piece of green/gold handmade paper (bought), then a canvas.  The green behind which doesn't match is the wall!
I suppose it just shows you should persevere with an idea.