Sunday, 6 June 2010

Cosmic Shimmer UTEE

Yesterday I did a class at Kraft Crazy in Tidworth using the Cosmic Shimmer UTEE.  It comes in a range of scrummy colours and all with a gorgeous glimmer.  We managed to avoid burning ourselves, each other and the shop but the smell got quite strong, with 7 people heating embossing powder at the same time and it was pretty messy as the powder does tend to blow everywhere.  All those who didn't drink their coffee quickly found it coated in a layer of powder!  These are the cards we made:

We used a chinese coin to make the seal in the second card and one of the ladies managed to get the coin completely submerged in the UTEE.  She looked to me to work out how to get it out (not unreasonable!) but I was too busy laughing to be any use at all and eventually she managed it herself.  On the last card I rubbed distress stickles over the UTEE arch and it gave a lovely rough finish which looks like stone and I was really pleased with this effect.