Sunday, 15 May 2011

Apples again

I'm still playing about with apples on and off and am making a 6x6 inch square book incorporating different techniques using apples as the motif.  I die cut 4 apples and stuck them to the page to make a pattern and then noticed the negative shape in the centre.  I remember that this was an exercise when I took a creative sketchbooks class a few years ago and we were doing pattern making but it is not something I have played with since.  However this time I traced the shape and cut a stamp from thin foam and stamped with it using Big and Juicy ink pads.

 First of all I stamped it all over a page and it became a tessellated image, looking a bit like a jigsaw puzzle.

Then when I stamped it individually I realised it looked like a flower so I added a centre to it.

Then I stamped it in green and it became leaves so I cut them out, gave them a red flower centre and stuck them in a different pattern.
Good fun - must do more often!

June calendar page

Here's my June journal page already to go.  I used bunting stamps that I ordered from Michelle Ward's Green Pepper Press and there are so many different designs in the set - they are great fun to play with.  The background is marbled using shaving foam - it smelt lovely for ages!