Monday, 18 June 2007

Beware the staple gun!

Yesterday I was working on my sketchbook which has to be constructed and free standing. The pages are made of mountboard and I needed to join them together to make a concertina and decided to fix a length of cloth tape across them all to hold them together. I laid the pieces out and the tape on top and then used the staple gun to fix it on. Result - I stapled it to the coffee table! Luckily I'd just done the first one and it was right on the edge of the table. I had to get the staple remover out to pull the staple away but you can only see the holes in the table if you know where to look. When my daughter came home and I confessed what I'd done she said I would have gone ballistic if she'd done that, which I'm afraid is true, but when I did it it just seemed very funny!

1 comment:

Doreen G said...

Beware the staple gun indeed Lynne.
Did it all turn out right in the end though.