Saturday, 20 October 2012

I pad cover

When I got my ipad I bought a magnetic cover for it.  I didn't like any of the colours available so I chose grey but I've hated how boring it looks.  I kept wondering whether it was possible to decorate it in some way but was concerned I would damage it however last weekend I finally decided to have a go.  I tried spraying glimmer mists but they wouldn't dry, just pooled on the surface so I mopped those off and instead used wooden stamps and Stewart Gill fabric paint to stamp a leaf and flower in their gorgeous Byzantia range.  But then they wouldn't dry....... Being fabric paints they are usually ironed to set them but I didn't dare try that or use a heat tool.  Gradually as the week went on they got drier but still felt tacky to the touch.  Then today I had a touch of inspiration and I brushed mica powders over the top and then polished the surface with a tissue.  It worked - it has taken away the tackiness and the powder has been polished in.  That looks so much better than the boring grey!

I had some of the paint left on my craft sheet and hate wasting any so I stamped a scrap piece of fabric and a piece of paper to use it up.  I liked the look of them so much that I then painted in all the flowers using Twinkling H2Os - love the finished pieces and will have to think of something to do with them.

The top picture is the fabric and the bottom one the paper.