Sunday, 21 June 2009

Mixed Media Canvases

Yesterday I went to Rumpelstiltskin at Broadwindsor Craft Centre and did a mixed media class with Tania. Yes, I have nearly all the stuff we used at home already but I rarely sit down for 3 hours to play with it and if I do I'm paralysed by the choices instead of just getting on and making something. Also it means I would have to clear up all the messy stuff myself - much better to have glitter and angelina all over Tania's floor! Here are the pieces finished off at home because I couldn't commit myself in too much of a hurry as to where exactly I wanted to stick each piece!
The green piece is actually half the size of the blue but I scanned them both as my photographs turned out rubbish! We painted small canvases with a variety of paints then stuck down some torn scraps of sari fabric with beading and sequins still on. We painted over the fabric, added tiny beads, glitter and embossing powder and zapped it with a heat gun which made the sari fabric distort. We then heated and painted some tyvek and stuck that on along with moulding mesh and a bit of friendly plastic on the blue canvas. I added some leaf beads to the bottom of the blue piece and a couple of buttons to the green one.
Two other ladies did the class with me, profolly and her friend Jo and profolly has posted one of her pieces on her blog here. I think we all had a fun afternoon.