Sunday, 23 March 2008

No Progress

Oh dear, life does get in the way sometimes!

When Sharon posted the March Take it Further challenge about noticing the little things I had an idea almost immediately and started work on it full of enthusiasm. But though I still like the idea and what I have done so far I don't think I'm going to get it finished before the end of the month.

My immediate reaction was a virtuous 'of course I notice the little things' but when I thought some more I realised that was true but I don't always notice them for the right reasons. I am one of those people who notices dust, things put back in slightly the wrong place, things crumpled at the edges that shouldn't be etc etc. About a week earlier I'd noticed a scrapbook range which incorporated a coffee ring into the design and I knew I couldn't live with that on a piece of my work. However, prompted by Sharon's challenge I have decided to embrace the coffee ring! I spent a happy afternoon dunking my coffee mug in a bowl of strong coffee and plonking it on paper, kitchen towel, fabric etc. I have decided to make a small sample book using brown parcel paper showing different techniques developed on from the coffee ring. I started well but have ground to a halt the last couple of weeks.

I've been telling myself not to worry, I was having Easter week off work so plenty of time to finish it, but then I decided this really was the best time to paint the kitchen - after all I did intend to do it last summer and here we are, spring again. So the ceiling has had 3 coats of paint and still needs one more and then I have to start on the walls.....

Still, the main thing is not to get in a tizz - things will get done or not and none of it is the end of the world and at the moment lying on the settee and having a snooze seems the best idea of all!

In the meantime I did have an afternoon playing a couple of weeks ago and did some ATCs all using scraps from my drawer, something that always makes me feel virtuous!