Sunday, 22 November 2009

Silk Paper

I've had a week off work and have had a bit of time to go on a couple of workshops and do some playing.  Last weekend I went to a silk paper workshop at Broadwindsor, organised by Tania from Rumpelstiltskin and run by Janet Gibbins.  It was good fun and we managed to produce 7 different pieces during the day, all made slightly differently so we were introduced to a good range of techniques.  I also had a play one day back at home and these photos are a mix of pieces I made on the day and bits I did here.  The ones with inclusions have hydrangea flowers embedded in them.  I particularly like the pieces manipulated into folds and holds and can see them with beads and stitches in them.

The leaves were made by pressing fibres directly on to the backs of leaves and felting them in place - we chose ones with nice clear veins and they stand out really well.

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