Sunday, 22 November 2009

Burning Issues

The other workshop I went on this week was at Stitchncraft at Shaftesbury and was all about using the soldering iron with fabric, run by Margaret Beal.  Margaret was also very generous with her techniques showing us lots of different things, many of which can be found in her book Fusing Fabric.  I had already bought the soldering iron that she sells (it has a particularly fine tip) but hadn't got round to having a go.  Well, it's much easier to do it the first time with the expert there guiding you through it.  It really is very easy though and was just like drawing round shapes with a pen except that you didn't then have to cut them out as the cutting was all done at the same time.  We each made a sampler using both the motifs we cut out of the organza and the negative strips left behind.  Then the second piece was one we did very quickly at the end just using cut up pieces of organza and fusing them to felt.  I came home with lots more cut out motifs and plan to have a go at making some cards with them.

P.S.  The scale of the photos is quite misleading as the second piece is only about a third the size of the sampler at the top!

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