Saturday, 15 September 2007

TAST - Cable Chain Stitch

Here's my sample for Cable chain stitch for TAST.
I liked the safety pins!

This morning my brother is coming to bring me my new computer and set it all up for me and also hopefully my wireless connection so my daughter can access broadband on her new laptop. The whole process has been fraught with problems so far so when I asked my brother if I needed to do anything in advance he said 'cross your fingers and pray'. So he's no more confident than I am! I'm quickly blogging this in case it's the last one I can do for some time. Even if it works I will be trying to get to grips with Vista, wireless and trying to find files, favourites and e-mails ( or will they have been lost forever.....)
So, I have my fingers crossed!


The Bimbo said...

Wow I love crafts and I chanced upon your blog. It looks so pretty but I'm not sure if I can do that... so cool

Elizabeth said...

Great sampler on the cable chain stitch. What a lot of good ideas you've stitched on it.

Barbara Cheeseman said...

I like the variations you've thought of for this stitch. The crossed zigzag is interesting. I only seem to be able to do the stitch with rather long 'small' links and you have got some nice short ones! Thanks for kind words on my blog. Have I asked you before whereabouts you are in Dorset? We moved back to Poole 2 months ago.

Marion said...

I believe you sent me an email re Creative Sketchbooks in response to mine. I have managed to lose the email somewhere in the ether. One minute it was there, then gone. I am doing the City and Guilds at a local centre in Parkstone. I am really looking forward to it. Like you, I enjoy fiddling about with all sorts of things, experimenting with techniques and materials.