Sunday, 9 September 2007

Fabric Postcards

I'm still using up the vilene and aida that I painted red and the gold foil from the Magnum ice cream wrapper, so I've made a fabric postcard. I also sprayed some ricrac red to match (I've still got pink fingers). When I started out I had thought to do more stitching on it but when it comes down to it I'm never very comfortable with the heavily embellished look (though I love it in other people's work), so I've left it with just a bit of arrowhead, sheaf and French knots. I've still got some vilene left so I will make a few charms next to use it up.

This is a postcard I made a while ago, heavily influenced by Beryl Taylor's marvellous book 'Mixed Media Explorations'. The diamond patterned piece in the top right is actually a very pretty decorated paper to which I added some stitching and beading and the tags are also paper. The streaky background is silver foil.


Doreen G said...

Fantastic postcards Lynne especially the one with the heart.

marion said...

These are beautiful. I have just chanced upon your blog. I love the TAST stitches. I am starting on the Creative Sketchbook course shortly so I found your mentions of that interesting. I too live in Dorset and there is much hereabouts to inspire artists of any type. Congrats on passing your C and G. I hope I am as successful

Barbara Cheeseman said...

I can see I shall have to start eating magnums! Have you come across any sweets or such with nice coloured cellophane, apart from quality street? That's useful too, but you probably know that.