Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Fan Sketchbook

Here's a few more pictures of my fan sketchbook before I have to hand it in next week. I've already posted a picture of the front cover and the fan mini book so this first picture is the pocket the minibook fits in.

This is a picture done using paint thickened with paste so that you can draw patterns in it with the end of a brush or whatever. At this point the fan became an orange slice and that reminded me of the sugared sweets you can buy so I cut out a niche in my sketchbook and made this box to fit inside it.

Inside the box are orange slices made from felt with snippets stitched on and glitter and fabric paint added.

It also became a gingko leaf and I used a mould to make a clay leaf which I then used as a stamp and a template to make patterns with.

It also became some fan coral and a Shaker broom but the final page was a photograph I took of an iron gate with a fan type centre and I stuck feathers round it to bring the whole book back to the original theme of decorative fans.

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