Sunday, 1 April 2007

Creative Sketchbooks

I have finished my first sketchbook for my City and Guilds Creative Sketchbook course!!! I have been going to evening classes since September and we did a trial sketchbook over Christmas which wasn't part of the formal assessment. For the assessment proper we have to do an altered sketchbook (the one I've just completed) and a constructed one. So all this effort and I've got to start all over again on the next one, with only 2 months to complete that one!

Anyway, the one completed is on Fans and here's a pic of the cover:

I've previously posted pictures of the little fan book I made to go in a pocket inside the book and I'll try to put another couple of pictures up in due course. I'm really pleased to have got it finished, mainly because I nearly abandoned it so many times. One of the things I found really hard was that my tutors said each page must link to the next and I just wanted to jump around here, there and everywhere and change colours because I happened to fancy a different colour. All a big no-no! However, I think I finally got the hang of linking and am quite proud of that! I think the book does hang together as a complete concept with a logical progression - all a major step forward for me.

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barbara ac said...

Where are you doing the sketchbooks course? I'd be interested to see more pics as am into making books, altered books and try to do more sketchbook work. Where do you live in Dorset? I'm moving to Poole in June!