Monday, 2 April 2007


I discovered blogs about 6 months ago and thanks, in a roundabout way, to my Creative Sketchbooks class. I'd been interested in the concept of blogs but hadn't seen any that were of any interest to me personally to make me either want to read them or write one. Then I was using Google to research the paisley motif as a possible topic for my sketchbook and one of the search results was to Sharon's blog as she happened to have recently posted a paisley design. Suddenly I found a blog that was all about the things I was interested in and not only that listed loads more blogs that were all about things I was interested in!
So since then I've spent inordinate amounts of time reading blogs and I still have a long list in my favourites of ones I've just had a quick glance at but haven't had time to explore properly. The ones I read regularly so far I'll now list in my links down the side.
Of course as you can see, I'm so smitten with blogs I've had to write my own, and Sharon's TAST challenge was just the excuse I needed to get going!


Doreen G said...

When I read this I thought I was looking into my own blog.
We have chosen the same background--are both doing TAST--both indulge in Paper Arts -- named our blogs
because we flit from one thing to another--how spooky.
I found you blog through Sharon's blog.

Doreen G said...

And by the way I just love what you do--I meant to say it on my previous post.