Thursday, 16 September 2010

Ipod holder

I decided to make a little felt holder for my ipod so I can find it when it's in my handbag.  I used some ordinary felt as a base and needlefelted some wool tops to it to make it a bit more interesting.  I stitched some running stitch then added a couple of wrapped washers.  The big washer is also beaded but I couldn't get the beads to show up very clearly.

 For the lining I used some of that non woven stuff that's not really material that came wrapped round my daughter's laptop when she bought it.  It's black and very thin but robust so it made the ideal lining material.
Hopefully I won't have to ferret around in my bag so much from now on! 

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Anonymous said...

You do really nice work:)
Your blog came up when I googled Silk Bowls. I did one years back and sold it - unfortunately I can't recall how I did it! I remember I did need to order one of the materials from - I think - England. I'm in the States. I required a type of paper that is not easily obtainable and also "silk hankies" - Which were really more like threads. I think the instructions were in a magazine called "Expression". It interesting, coincidentally, I painted (dyed) mine the same colors as yours:) Would you let me have your instructions or possibly give me the contact info for your instructor Tanya? Thank you in advance. My email is
Dawn Gaye
Bluffton, SC