Friday, 5 February 2010


My daughter and I were inspired by Linda's art dolls on her blog Eclectic Visions of an Altered Journey.  I've linked to just the latest one but if you scroll further back you will find more.  So we decided to produce versions of our own.  We used an old Barbie (knew she'd been kept for a reason!) and some Mold n Pour to make a mold of a face and produced it in fimo. The body is chipboard and we've added Stewart Gill paint, stencils, flowers, skeleton leaves and trims.  My daughter drew the shaped paper templates and as is fitting her two are tall and slim whereas mine is rather shorter and squatter.  Here's mine:

And here are my daughters':

Thanks to Linda for the inspiration!


Julia said...

Wow they look fabulous, you have been busy this week. Will catch up with you soon and I hope the class goes well tomorrow.

Linda B said...

greate job, they sure are fun to make and quite addictive :)