Sunday, 30 December 2007

Still Behind

Oh yes, still trying to catch up with everything. Just about managed to finish everything required for Christmas in time. I finished my Mum's scrapbook on Christmas morning as predicted but then I did add in one final pic of my daughter for a Xmas 2007 page so that had to wait till the last minute.

Still trying to catch up with TAST, but here's my Berry stitch sample. The top row used the stitch to couch down some fluffy knitting wool so that's why there are stray threads sticking out. The stitch makes lovely flowers with more texture to them than just plain detached chain. And it was nice and simple so I could cope with it in between everything else going on.

2 more stitches still to go - it's extremely unlikely I will get them done before Sharon's new Take it Further challenge starts on the 1st Jan. Never mind, by now I'm used to being behind.

A couple of weeks ago Sharon posted about slow cloth and slow craft - she was talking about the advantages of stitching and making by hand rather than using the machine all the time or products where much of the work is done for you. I identified with what she was saying for slightly different reasons in that I am just slow! I am constantly amazed at the rate of output of many of my fellow bloggers and wonder where on earth they find the time. Some of them may have more time available than I do, but many don't so my only conclusion is that they get on with it much faster! Faffing about describes me in so many ways! So I've been telling myself that it is not a competition, that it doesn't matter how much or how little I produce, it's the pleasure of the process that counts and not to get despondent. Mmm, still a way to go on that.

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Doreen G said...

Nice Berry stitch Lynne and I agree it's not a competition.
I found if I got behind to far it was really hard to get going again but I battled on and you my friend have done an excellent job so stick to it.
Happy New Year to you also.