Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Chocolat Fabric

I went to a quilt shop last week and although I don't do either patchwork or quilting I couldn't resist buying this small tin full of 5 inch square pieces of fabric in these lovely muted colours in a range called Chocolat by Moda. I like to think I will use the fabric one day but the tin also contained a CD-Rom which had several pages of swatches showing the whole range of fabric. Of course I ended up printing off a few and using them to cover a matchbox, make a couple of ATCs and cover a card holder. And the fabric remains untouched!

This is the matchbox (it contained candle matches so is bigger than average), the picture is of my father as a baby with my grandmother and uncle, taken in 1922 I'd guess. Here's the card holder (originally packaging for sealing wax):

And the ATCs:

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