Thursday, 12 July 2007

TAST - Half chevron stitch

Ok, ok, so I've cheated and skipped long and short stitch! I did have a go at it but had to rip it out it was so awful. I will go back to it and try again but in the meantime I was getting backlogged with the subsequent weeks' stitches whilst I prevaricated about long and short. So here is my half chevron which I really enjoyed.

On the third row I decided to whip the straight stitches with blue and I really like the effect that gave.

The next week for TAST is bullion stitch which I know I'm going to be as bad at as long and short but I feel I must tackle that before getting to sheaf stitch which I already know I like and can do! Still it's good to be pushed into something I'd rather not do otherwise I wouldn't have learnt nearly as much as I have done through this year long challenge.

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