Monday, 30 July 2007

Catching Up

Not much to show at the moment. I'm getting very behind again with TAST but believe it or not I am actually doing my long and short stitch. It's going very well but very slowly as I have a bad arm at the moment and can only do short stints at a time. I would get on quicker if I jumped ahead and had a go at the arrow stitch etc. but knowing me I'd never go back and finish off the long and short so I think I'd better stick with it for now.
The good news is that I have finished (and passed!) the City and Guilds Creative Sketchbooks course. I'm pleased it's done and that I've achieved it but also sad because it was very enjoyable and gave me something definite to focus on and aim for. Now I need to consider what next. My long term ambition is a C&G embroidery course but I think I would have to do it by distance learning and am not sure I could keep up such a committment. It's expensive for a whole course and I found it difficult to find the time and fit in the work for the sketchbook course so not sure I'm ready for the amount necessary for a much longer course. But if I don't have something definite to work at I think I will just go back to dabbling and not really completing anything or pushing myself to new things. A lot to consider.

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Doreen G said...

Congratulations on you C&G results.
I know what you mean about jumping ahead on TAST -I still haven't done Long and Short stitch but I am trying to keep up with the others.