Monday, 31 May 2010

Artsy crafts projects

Now that the second Artsycrafts weekend has taken place I can show you the fabulous projects we made.  First up is the canvas in the Mediterranean mix colourway and it's a lovely sampler of a multitude of techniques and products that we got to try. Although we all started from the same point everybody's was different and as I went round the tables looking at all the others I wanted to try each colour combination, they all looked so great.  Notice the rose?  I'd seen the instructions for these on various people's blogs but had always thought life was too short.  Well, now I've made one, it looks great, but ... life's too short!

This is the tree we made, all the embellishments are made of metal.

And finally this cute birdhouse, again the piece behind the birds is embossed metal. It was a wonderful weekend and I'm thrilled with the pieces I made and gateful to Lin and Leandra for the inspiration.

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Karin said...

Didn't we all have the most amazing time! Your finished projects look great Lynne.