Sunday, 27 July 2008

Art Stamps show

Yesterday I went to the Arts Stamp show at Newbury. My sister in law and I have been going for quite a few years now and have seen it outgrow its original venue at the Corn Exchange and move to Newbury Racecourse. Two years ago it filled both the ground and first floor there, last year it didn't quite fill the first floor, this year it only filled the middle of the first floor with spaces at both ends. And what's missing now is the more arty, quirky, unusual stuff which is a great shame. I managed to spend all my money(!) and am pleased with the things I bought but I wish I'd had the chance to see something a bit different and I hope this isn't going to be the start of a downward spiral for the show.
It was very hot there yesterday and I sympathise with all the traders who are having to stick out the heat for a second day today.

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Anonymous said...

thats how i felt about the last stitches and craft show in brisbane - nothing too special, but still managed to spend money! its a shame when the shows lose the edge - when there is only a couple of stalls doing anything innovative, its hardly worthwile paying the (expensive) entrance fee - you can just visit those stall holders on the net!