Saturday, 17 May 2008

Alcholol Inks

Next Saturday I have been asked to take two classes on alcohol inks at a local craft shop. My sister-in-law takes regular classes there and was asked to do one on alcohol inks but as they're not really her thing she suggested me. In fact we'll take the class together so it should be fun. The main focus will be trying the inks on various surfaces rather than producing finished products, however we are going to do a card and alter a mint tin. We made the samples for those and attached them to a board which is on display in the shop before I had a chance to take pictures. However I have done some other samples since as ideas for what people can do with the bits and pieces they take home. Here are some cards:

And a couple of ATCs:

And a couple of brooches made from pieces of coloured CDs:


Doreen G said...

Fantastic pieces Lynne I love alcohol inks.

Fiona Whitehead said...

Fabulous pieces - I love the brooches

Sandy said...

YOur samples are so cool. I wish I were close enough to take a class. Thanks for visiting my blog.

craftimamma said...

First time I've visited your blog Lynne (I'm very new to this blogging stuff). Have to say I wish I could have attended your classes. I have quite a few alcohol inks but very little idea what to do with them.

I love the samples you've posted.