Saturday, 3 November 2007

TAST - catch up

I've managed 3 stitches for the TAST challenge this week and for a short while I'm again up to date. The first is twisted satin stitch. I didn't really try it as a conventional closely stitched satin stitch but instead as a single stitch in patterns and I like the results.

The second sample is drizzle stitch. It's hard to scan a stitch that stands up proud of the fabric so this sample doesn't really look anything much. Although I've only done a very small sample I really liked this one and loved the dimension of it. I also borrowed Elizabeth of Quieter Moments' idea of catching down the end of the stitch and the stitches in the middle are done like that. It seems to me that would make a very effective (and easier) substitute for bullion stitch which I found a lot harder to push down the needle than this one.

The final sample is Spanish knotted stitch. I liked it but was a bit stuck for ideas so haven't done a great deal with it.

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anne G. said...

I think that the second photo bring back letters or numbers (it's like a representation of a word.........); I think that it's a good idea to try to embroderer letters with drizzle stitch,.....
Why not?
Anne from France