Friday, 26 January 2007


I might be on a roll here so I'll have a go at posting the images that were one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. I'm having an on and off go at Sharon Boggon's Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) which can be found on her blog Inaminuteago. I've managed to do the first 2 weeks (though not within the week), but have yet to make a start on weeks 3 and 4. Still Sharon keeps saying that it is not a competition just a fun exercise for people to dip in and out of so that is what I will do.

So for week 1 here are 2 Herringbone samplers. Both owe a lot to the ideas I saw on the various blogs and the second one in particular was copied from someone who's name I'm afraid I forgot to note down.

And here are 2 for buttonhole stitch: the first is almost a straight copy from Sharon's samples and I got the idea for the buttonhole ring from susaneta at TextileXplorations

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